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Jul 4, 2010 8:30am EDT
agents trying to infiltrate u.s. government policy circles. the suspects were from new york, new jersey, massachusetts and three in our area. we have more on the three local suspects from arlington. >> reporter: at this apartment complex on south joyce street, neighbors were stunned that the young couple in number 904, parents of a toddler and a baby were arrested by the fbi. >> we were surprised to hear they were arresting russians. not what you expect to find out about your neighbor. >> reporter: residents say that they were friendly and very social. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: veronica and her boyfriend were shocked, too, when they woke to the sounds to the fbi raiding the apartment directly above them. its resident is among those now in custody. >> it is surprising. it is north arlington. quiet, nice, fun place to live. you don't expect russian spies to be living above. >> an fbi undercover agent posing as an agent for the russian government, met the two suspects at this intersection. their conversation was secretly recorded. >> reporter: it was one of many intercepted communic
Jul 18, 2010 8:30am EDT
after every earthquake. >> reporter: u.s. geo scientist is a premier expert on earthquakes. he said there could be more after shocks. although there is a small chance one would cause damage, scientists wouldn't be surprise if there was a 3.0 magnitude aftershock. >> there is a possibility of large aftershock. there could be a possibility of earthquake bigger than first one. >> the earthquake happened three miles underground. >> it went boom, so it slipped probably several inches over the area of the fault and that sudden slipping caused seismic waves to travel out through the rock on all sides. >> this is our earthquake. >> reporter: information gathered today is critical in knowing how the ground shook, how far the tremors were felt and how close it was to the surface. tremors were felt as far away as 100 to 150 miles from the epicenter. the more than 12,000 people who contacted the usgs in reston are helping more than you know. >> the more we know before the next really big catastrophic earthquake, the better off we'll be. we can do work now that can help save lives. >> reporter:
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2